Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 5, 2015

About You~by Marigold Page



About You

My Darling…..
You are gentle
and kind,
You are sweeter
than Honey and
You are more
lovely than a Rose.

I feel wonderful…..
I see the love light
in your eyes.
I feel wonderful…..
You light up my heart
like nobody else and
you light up everything
for me.

Having you in my life
is a wonderful feeling,
Your presence feels
wonderful, You make
me feel so special and
I’m real lucky to have
you in my life.

Thank you for your
love and care ,
Thank you for always
being there and
Thank you My Darling…
for everything you did
for me.
*** ••• *** ••• *** ••• *** •••

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