Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 5, 2015

Life A Curse or A Blessing~by Hela Tekali



Life A Curse or A Blessing

Life can be a curse
Life can be a blessing
It all depends on how you get its lesson
Do not let yourself a helpless loser at the end of its phase,its proclaimed session
waiting awkwardly for your funeral procession

Love is like a rose with a prickly thorn that hurts
You have to handle its bleeding wound while it occurs
As long as you are earnest in your pure emotions, its bitter flames will never burn your frail skin or turn your genuine sensation into a curse
For sometimes you need so much Mercy from above
to carry on your journey with its mystical divine love
Love is the language of feelings
You need so much purity in your soul to purge its precious healing
Love is the fountain of life
without its lively emotion the whole world will fall into a ghastly strife
It is like a fertile tree
its fruitful reap will genuinely allow your soul to break free
Look at life as a blessing
let it shine with its glorious angelic lesson
Look at the flower and the bee
Let your ecstasy reach its utmost pleasure
laugh and smile
for you will live for just one day
so turn your melancholy into a healing treasure

Written by Jenayah Hela
spiritual poetry

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