Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 6, 2015

FAITH AND FATE~by Olamilekan Sa’eed OA




It is very good to have faith,
but there is also the influence of fate.
Some things could be so hard to fathom-
That can’t even be explained by a ‘sage’ .

Destiny is sometimes like a puzzle
Some wars could not be won with bones and muscle
Two plus two may not always be four
Sometimes, the law of gravity could just be false.

Happiness may sometimes be too expensive for the rich
Cool seas may sometimes be hell for the fish
The dawn may not always signify a new day
You could be in the rain, and still feel the sun rays.

Success is not always a product of sleepless nights
While failure is sometimes not for lack of trying
The wise and talented may sometimes swim in poverty
While a socially rejected may later control countless properties.

Though strong faith could move mountains
Sincere belief could shake fountains
But fate could sometimes be dicey
The night may re-appear when you finally thought the sun was rising.

Yes, nothing is impossible with God
But fate could sometimes be odd
Some questions will always remain unanswered,
Even if you left no stone unturned.

Olamilekan OA

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