Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 6, 2015

Tankas~by Alfonso Martínez Pretel




Sometimes the soul smiles
To the people from the past
Which suddenly meets
As if they had never Ben
Distant by unseen borders.

Because there ‘ s still love
Since memory you throbbings
Evens more intense
Than many thoughts without him Press
And the scarce will to remind.

That ‘ s the reason for
A few words might enlighten
The paths towards times
When this forgotten friendship
Lived to dream brotherly wings.

( sometimes the heart and soul smiles
To the people in the past
Which is of a sudden
Like if you never would have been
Distant for the borders of the invisible.

Because there is still in love
Because the memory is palpitaciones
Even more intense
Many thoughts no Pulse
And the lack of willingness to remember.

This is the reason
For a few words could illuminate
The trails at times
When this friendship forgotten
He lived to dream wings fraternal.)

( filling bowls )

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