Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 6, 2015

The Holy Fountain of my Musings~by Hela Tekali



The Holy Fountain of my Musings

Poetry or prose,
flower or a rose
A divine presence keeps them both perfectly woven and close.

The holy fountain,
the sacred mountain, are blended together to sanctify the most holy state
driven away from immoral , disregarded wanton.

My arms , my legs , my lips , my breast are not holy but it’s the voice of my soul , rather its wisdom that you need to seize its depth in fully.

My holy water ,
when mixed with delicate , smooth chocolate
becomes so hotter,
plunging your artistic flair
into a sort of candy fantasy that flatters!

The holy fountain of my musings
it’s up to you to grasp its unfathomable depth and fusion
, to purify your evil thoughts by divinely bathing your soul insight without losing

The holy water,
is a sacred matter
It’s a water purifier,
purging your drunken soul out of its burning fire


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