Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 7, 2015

Broken Image~by Jessabelle Autumn



Broken Image

When I look my face in the mirror
I could see my reflection in tears
Living in the house of terror
I am the victim of this world of horror

To your silver tongue I fall
And now I’m being played like a doll
I give you my heart and my all
But I didn’t realized that I’m just a stroll

Often you sing a song about care
Pulling the string of love and ignite the flare
Saying that you will always be there
But often you will leave me tangled in despair

You’re slaying my pride when you turn me into a joke
Laughing at my stupidity like you’re being poked
With your sweet words inside I’m being choked
Drowning in tears and my emotion is soaked

So I caged myself in this chamber
To this isolation I surrender
For my vision now becomes clearer
There is no true love nor the word ” forever ”


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