Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 7, 2015

+++++++++ I AM NOT A BEGGAR +++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



+++++++++ I AM NOT A BEGGAR +++++++++

More than you love yourself
I like the way you are
Cherish all the moments
Spent with you
Even those silly ones
When we actually fought
Admire innocence
Your face gleams with
Applaud sweetness
Your voice always sparks
Love to feel the love
Imbibed in your big beautiful eyes
You have brought
Rays of excitement and happiness
Missing from my life
For quite long
I am all yours maam
My heart is with you
You too say so
And believe me truly
Your heart is safe with me

Yes I love you
And want you to love me as well
I do care for you
And want you to care me as well
I am not rude
But quite straight forward
Yes I am your lover
And want you to love me back
Like a decent lover
Yes I am dying to see you
Even you don’t care
Treat me with respect yar
Give me the love I deserve yar
All I do is to see
That cutest smile on your face
Else I am not a fool
Neither I have lost my mind
In short and simple words
Baby I am your true lover
I am not a beggar
Let’s come together
To make our relationship
Better and better

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