Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 7, 2015

Suspension of Belief~by Jernail S Anand



Suspension of Belief

Looking a few standards
fluttering across a building

all yellow, red and pale
a few seconds on the scene

and my mind left my body
looking agape at them

and perched on the fluttering
standards lining the eves of a temple
in Haridwar;

and the, a whole of of memories
fluttered in;
the soft memories of a visit
with the family and some friends;

our visit to Rishikesh
and visiting the shore of Ganga

the grand scenes of the Aarti
the prayer in the evening;

the crowds lining the ghats;
and the lines of beggars
who would pounce upon you
once the knew you wanted to
give something away;

all this wonderful film
was the gift of that one second
of trance;
that transfixed look;
that second which connected
me with the memory of my past;

suspending me from the
reality; for a moment;
and turning me a liquid
and flowing into the tunnel of the past;
for a wonderful re-take
at a loveable moment.

dr js.. anand
all rights reserved 2015

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