Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 8, 2015

A Wave In The Ocean~by Hela Tekali



A Wave In The Ocean

I am a wave in the ocean
Denuded of its lovely emotion
It seems that I have lost control of my motion
Standing erect like a fertile tree
devoid of moral notion
I am a wave in the ocean
The liquid water that constitutes my body has to be purged with Suntun lotion
I surge from the ocean
and fuse with waves in the ocean
I cage myself from the boundaries of my notion
Let me dive in the depth of the sea
purge my wings with its transparent water and be wise to see
I need to let go of my fear
To let myself visible and cleanse my tear
Be part of the ocean
not only a wave in the ocean
I am no longer caged as a wave
For I am not just – water in the Ocean
For I am the bare truth of the Ocean
Written by Jenayah Hela

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