Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 8, 2015

THE MOMENT ALIVE~by Jernail S Anand




Time is running fast;
or I am in my spirits;
something is happening;
if time is the road,
and i the moving vehicle
then, time is going past
while i am going ahead;
if the road would not spend itself
i can make no progress;
the road behind me
coils back into infinity
and time too turns into a
cloudy confusion;
and beyond me too
is a road leading me into
cloudy nothingness
from which, nothing is visible;
i stand, like a moment,
and then, flatten into past;
there are times, when
moments keep passing
but a time comes when
time clots up in the flesh
sits uneasily in the eyes
and clogs the legs
it gatheres so much weight
that the mind starts hanging;
about time, when the visions
start blurring; the road back
and the road forward
stop blinking;
it was darkness behind;
and it is haze and mist beyond;
i stand on the verge of time
like a moment,
which flattens into past in no time;

dr j.s. anand\
all rights reserved 2015

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