Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 9, 2015

———–Begone ——~by Ahmer Sohail



———–Begone ——

Begone—– as gone hast thou—-
And stayest not in the wilderness of whims —–
Lo ! the curse of the cursed might confound thee—-
The unholy ghost of the holy days gone by—–
Goreth the smoky souls of the wayfarers—-
With the colossal keenness of his tongue—–
Licketh away the sheen of their eynes—–
The dejected days of dark shadows —-
Devour the deaths of the dead—–
The naive nights illumined with murky moon—-
Ensnare the breaths of solemn silence—
The gentle puffs of the wind unchanged—-
Change the ways of the wanderers—-
To the vales of vile—-
Behold ! or thou be befallen by the fallen—–
And none knoweth not what hellish—-
Becometh the befallen by the fallen one—-
They shalt creep unto thy frozen flesh —-
Nails they shalt pierce thro thy bewildered being—
Fierce feast they shalt fete in the name of fondness——
Unto the bones of thy soul and sensibilities—
The wine of thy breaths shalt be sipped and celebrated—-
Beware ! o the enchanted one by the fantasies —-
Them thou takest on their artlessness—-
With art wilt they but betake thee—–

To the twilight transgressed with tears —–
And wilt graven their images unto thy eynes—–
Whereagainst thou then gazest; shalt find their face—-
Alack! And ornament wilt they thee——
With the manacle of reminiscence unto thy neck——
Sentenced thou shalt be to dwell in the dungeon—
And liberty thou shalt be granted to go astray——
Somewhither amidst the walls of the wilderness———
Unto the skin of thy soul shalt grow but cacti of ache—-
Serpents of the aroint ages in the desserts of thy cerebrum —-Shalt they crawl and clinch every of the cell of cert —-
Venom of the covenant avowed —–
Shalt make ways thro thy veins—–
Every of thy nails shalt it be seeping out——
And wilt transform the whole green to the whole blue—-
Lo! That is but an abode of the wretched forsaken—-
Begone—– as gone hast thou—-
And stayest not in the wilderness of the forsaken —–

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