Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 9, 2015

THERE IS NO FEELING~by John Patrick Boutilier




There is no feeling
Deeper than love shared by two
But pain of its loss
A loss that tortures
Both the mind and the body
Till feelings are dross

Although it is true
Healing occurs over time
How much is unsure
Thus I advise this
As other’s oft advised me
New love’s the best cure

When you decide dare
Begin the search of new love
To replace that lost
Keep well in your mind
Should you fail to take caution
There could be great cost

Love isn’t easy
Nor is it meant to be so
But it’s worth the risk
For when it is found
There’s no treasure more precious
In creation’s fisc

Love is forgiveness
Accepting imperfections
One’s own included
But maintain reason
Keep your eyes and ears open
Be not deluded

Take care of your heart
It’s your greatest possession
A prize to be won
Offer it wisely
Give it not to imposters
It’s meant for the one

(c) John Patrick Boutilier, 2015
All Rights Reserved.


  1. Beautiful.

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