Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2015

Ballad of the New Year Drunk~by Kanchan Bhattacharya



Ballad of the New Year Drunk

I plan to get drunk and I shall liberate

My long abstinence this anniversary date

Not many things to do two-night late

Wishing to drive faster than light into the gate


I shore there would be an angry wife like mate

Inside the house of which I shall make irritate

I sit down and want quickly to set simple bait

For the ladder of the house to walk out and state


Her question to me; I would not hear it at any rate

And then stand out of my car and whistle a sonnet

Of choicest words and honk the horns of my hate

And prove to her why I am being such an ingrate


Now a swig of Old Monk will add to the fun

And another to make my imaginations run

This is the fifteenth line after my car has crashed

And the head lamp is on, its glass is smashed


The radiator steams, guns on, the engine runs,

I pour some rum into the grill, I beg your pardons

And the car begins to speak, more of alcohol please

It is thirsty I know and I begin to leak off my disease


The neighborhood awakens, and voices I hear

Of gents and ladies, known and unknown peers

I ask them to drink- offer the rum in my hand

And they tell me, Mr. Poet you have delusions grand


My car is talking back to me, beaten black and blue

And of the abuses it hurls at me- Nyet! I have no clue

I want more of the Old Monk, and the woman screams

Oh Charlie, this door will close in five seconds, just come in…


Now the haze clears, the car hides

A bramble bush sticks thorns on his sides

Spread eagled on the lawn Charlie lies,

His dreams long gone, he is wise


© kanchan February 11, 2015

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