Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2015

Clutter~by Max Eidex




Can’t take anynore of this clutter.
Now I just stand and I shudder.
And then I here myself mutter,
Cant take anymore of this clutter!

Can’t take anymore of this clutter.
Can I plow through it with this old putter?
I feel like an old cow’s udder.
Can’t take anymore of this clutter!

Clutter and mutter and flutter and shudder,
Gotta find me a cutter to cut through this clutter.
I stutter and utter and need peanut butter,
Get me some protein to clean up this clutter.

I try to clean while I sort.
I’m trying to be a good sport,
While thinking should I abort,
As it’s making me now contort.

I stutter and shudder,
I mope and I mutter,
I can’t even find my peanut butter.

I stutter and flutter,
I shudder and utter,
Please rid me of all this clutter!!!

Max S Eidex

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