Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2015

Eternity.~by Mykal Osie




Subtle and radiant,
a subtle beauty
not powerful.
A pleasantness
that’s hard won
given with closeness.
A life of challenges
each taken on board
never resentful.
A builder and
a creator of importance
is your focus.

I happened onto you
by chance and guile.
A poor happen chance
I had a great fall.
So much in common
the God’s do smile.
A friendship that’s grown
will endure
till we get our final call.

Our life is precious
what we each of us bring.
A family of people’s
bound by us two.
A bond,
the fulcrum of everything.
To follow our lead
to do as we would do.

My testament in
these words
a record for eternity.
We’ll now live
with these words
it’s a certainty.

© Jan 2015.

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