Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2015

I know who I really I am~by Hela Tekali



I know who I really I am

I know who I really am
But how to become what I should
How to cling to the rope of wisdom if i believe I could
I am projected away from reality
Living in the prison of myself,my own consciousness, my illusion
How with strong belief I will succeed
To make my jailed soul to break free
How with stubborness and toughness
Shall I make my illusion no longer appear nothingness
How shall I teach the world
That though hope is frail
Be stick to His Holy Word
Never fear your dream to be broken
or even your flying ambition to fail
Though life involves fear of loss,
To sow the sweetest reap of your virtuous patience
Do not be afraid its painful journey to cross
Though at the meantime you should not step aside
thorny footsteps which are menacingly across
Bear its suffering and bleeding pain to heroically defy its chained bridge,its insurmountable cross
written by Jenayah Hela
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