Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2015

………..I’m Excess in Love………~by Vinod Kumar Mishra



………..I’m Excess in Love………

I’m excess in love-I’m full enough to share sensible luxury,
A floody cloud can’t help lightening bounteous bosoms,
The barren fields get wet and a new texture crops up,
Life meets moisture when sensuous breeze astir in busts,
And blazing pores soak creative sweats in blistering blood.

I’m a blossom in bloom-a sensual perfume to turn the air on,
The nooks are nudged near all planes in humble capacity,
A tremor enters without a knock to share amour in abundance,
Organic orgies ooze and capillaries send tides in humid physics,
Virile vessels invite a robust bust to exchange mutual heats.

I’m a wonderful bard-I sing body,a willing breath unheard as yet,
The cores escape deep air and eyes sigh at the wilful window,
I really need a heart that hears my song while I sing a mortal ballad.

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