Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 11, 2015

Rhapsody of Brokenhearted~by Jessabelle Autumn



Rhapsody of Brokenhearted

Waking up and I’m feeling empty
Tears in my eyes and the vision becomes blurry
This silence has taken away my serenity
As the echoes of the past roaming freely

This room is filled with emptiness
This bed somehow succumbs to the coldness
And I surrender myself to this sadness
Learning to accept living with loneliness

But it’s killing me slowly from inside
The pain of losing you I cannot hide
Because I can’t fight alone this rough tide
Can’t you see that I need you by my side?

How I wish you could hear my scream
Because the light is started to grow dim
But now all I can do just reaching out for your gleam
When you come to visit me in my dream

Without you I will never be the same
Because my heart is only for you to claim
You will always be my eternal flame
Because deep inside my heart there’s only your name


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