Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 12, 2015





Last night Love came offering her hand
Wrapped in gossamer beams,
In silent breaths of moist dreams ;
As I stood baring the petals of my soul
To a flow of slow dew drips ;
She came oozing radiant love
With nectar in her pursed lips .

A river of compassion kept murmuring
In ceaseless ripples of love in her eyes,
Calming the surges of Tsunami
That at the depth of desire lies ;
She was nameless every love
For which each creature
In a strange silence inwardly dies.

There was that love glistening in the eyes
That you so oft see in leaves’ eyes ,
When the delayed Sun
Under the cover of clouds hopelessly sighs.
The long desire of snow for a small spark,
Of wind to be caught in a meaningful flame,
Of something to melt into a sweet nothing
Of Time’s yearning for an eternal timeless fling .

Of the desire lurking in eyes of sun to merge
Into an engulfing emptiness under sky’s bower
Of Spring’s desire to die into the loveliest flower
Under unexpected drops of passion-rain
Blissfully forgetful about all attendant pain.

@copy right : saroj k. padhi 11/02/15

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