Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 12, 2015

The Unwanted Girl~by Jessabelle Autumn



The Unwanted Girl

They shoved me away from their sight
Hide me away from their world
I rebel in silent because I couldn’t fight
Because I am the unwanted girl

They sew my lips with words of fear
Leaving inside the rusty pearl
I’m screaming inside but nobody wants to hear
For I am the unwanted girl

They sing a song about love and hatred
And to the melody of hypocrisy I swirl and twirl
I’m tired of this dance and my hope is faded
What’s left for me, the unwanted girl?

They play with my narrow scope of reality
And now my mind is tangled in curls
I’m sinking and dying inside my own insanity
There would be no tombstone for this unwanted girl


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