Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 13, 2015

American Heroes~ GEORGE WASHINGTION CARVER (c. early 1864-January 5, 1943)~by rldubour

Friday! time for an American Hero, February we celebrate Black American History, Every Friday of this month a post of an Black American Hero! today we look at:


GEORGE WASHINGTION CARVER (c. early 1864-January 5, 1943)

In Newton County Missouri
Most likely eighteen-sixty-four.
His exact date of birth unknown
Record keeping was very poor.

In Marion Township, Diamond Grove
He was born into slavery.
A farm owner Moses Carver
Purchased George and his mother Mary.

Not sure of whom his father was
Worked as a logger or he farmed.
Reports talk of an accident
Where he was fatally harmed.

The Carver’s opened up their home
So Mary’s family would be free.
George his sister and his mother
All were kidnapped suddenly.

By Confederate night raiders
Taken to Arkansas and sold.
Moses Carver hired John Bentley
His race horse was the cost instead of gold.

John Bentley found only Carver
He was orphaned and near death.
Suffering from whooping cough
For George T’was hard to take a breath.

Unable to work as a farm hand
The fields he roamed brought happiness
Becoming very knowledgeable
He dreamed of being a botanist.

Moses and his dear wife Susan
Treated him like he was their own.
And “Aunt” Susan would teach him well
For George a home where love was shown.

In eighteen-hundred-and-ninety-six
Now called the Tuskegee University.
For forty-seven years he worked
Until his death in forty-three.

A list of his accomplishments
And all his commemorations.
Happiness was being helpful
Was humble in his vocations.

First African-American
To receive a National Monument.
Many things named in his honor
A man of true attainment.

In eighteen-hundred-ninety-three.
He entered paintings at the World’s Fair
Carver was a talented artist
His love for painting was always there.

Mr. George Washington Carver
On January 5th, 1943.
He closed his eyes for eternity
An American Hero he would be.

AUTHOR NOTE* From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On his grave was written the simplest and most meaningful summary of his life. He could have added fortune to fame, but caring for neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world.
On July 14, 1943, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dedicated the George Washington
Carver National Monument at Diamond, Missouri.
He appeared on U.S. commemorative stamps in 1948 and 1998, and a commemorative half-dollar coin from 1951 to 1954.
The USS George Washington Carver (SSBN-656) is also named in his honor.
In 1977 he was elected to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans
In 1990 Carver was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame
Iowa State University awarded Carver the Doctor of Humane Letters in 1994.
For almost 50 years he remained at Tuskegee, teaching and pursuing his scientific studies. His work included finding over 300 uses for the peanut. Among Carver’s many inventions were a way of turning soybeans into plastic, wood shavings into synthetic marble, and cotton into paving blocks. He also disseminated his extensive agricultural research to farmers through conferences and demonstrations.
When he died on January 5, 1943, Carver was widely recognized for his intelligence, humility, and inventiveness. George Washington Carver was never married.

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