Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 13, 2015

Discussing evil.~by Mykal Osie



Discussing evil.

It genuinely scares me
horrifies me to my core.
I Don’t want to face this
or bring it to my door.

I feel uneasy,
I feel a bit repulsed.
To even discuss this
is a mental chore.

We all know of it
It has many names
I don’t want to call them out
If that’s ok with you all the same.

Atrocities happen
In many many places
At different times
To many different races

It’s still with us
even today
Keeping it’s head down
It hasn’t gone away.

Capable of unspeakable acts
Stirs up hatred for its cause
Has absolutely no respect
Is only in to win, not loose or draw.

People’s fleeing for their lives
Taking family and risking all.
Trying to avoid evil’s madness
Safer behind any foreign wall.

I see the fear on people’s faces
Know it’s capable of many crimes
They come from many places
Their lives fallen on hard times.

Evil needs to be eradicated
We need to start with our youth
And how they’re educated.
Respect others and tell the truth.

A decision needs to be made
World leaders step up to the plate.
Tackle evil and all its guises
Kill it off so no more surprises.

© feb 2015

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