Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 14, 2015

Bleeding Valentine~by Jessabelle Autumn



Bleeding Valentine

Here we are
Trapped in silence
Close but yet so far
Denying each other’s existence

I’m here tryink to talk
Instead you give me a thorny rose
Then you start to walk
Again, I’m reaching out for a ghost

I want to take off my veil
But still you’re wearing the masquerade
No truth could ever be revealed
Because we still marching in this same parade

Our last waltz is playing
Now will I have your hand?
I’m still here waiting
With my faith starts to bury in the sand

Wrap your arms around my waist
Teach me again how to dance
Precious moment I don’t want to waste
Can we have another romance?

You hold my hand and then I swirl
Back in your arms, I fail to see the sign
Then you stab my heart in my twirl
So I die and become your bleeding valentine

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