Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 15, 2015

Ordinary woman:~by Hela Tekali



Ordinary woman:

I am lost !
What to choose Human or Divine love?
Mystic woman:
Human love and divine love flow majestically into one another .They fully embrace the incarnation of the sovereign power from above
Ordinary woman:
Does carnal; concrete love is a forbidden sort of love?
Mystic woman:
Through divine love , you will find your sole refuge,from forbidden sin you shall escape.From the banned tree you will bid your sheepish flee
Ordinary woman:
How again to feel safe, secure, self confident ?
Mystic woman:
Through begging for pardon, forgiveness that shall be granted through your eternal forbearance
Rejoicing every second in divine presence
In your eternal salvation,
you shall savor sheer essence
Ordinary woman:
But I still fear to raise His Ire, His Hellish Wrath!
Mystic woman:
Divine love is like the motherly womb
Healing your soul from the cruel tomb
You will savor motherly, fatherly love
Allah is so gentle, forgiving
Pleasant, affectionate and merciful
Where your fear ,sorrow , grief have no place
Where endless love, harmony ,extreme happiness
will sail across their blissful boat
Relishing their State of Grace
Written by Jenayah Hela

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