Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 16, 2015

LOVE’S TRUE TASTE~by Saroj Padhi




Aroma from a liquid soul’s enchanted flow
gets soaked in drops of sweat on my hearts’
wounded petals with scars etched on them
by arrows from a God who Himself
fell in in love
with my love and did every harm to me possible
and laughed at the magnificent ruins of my emotions
that lie scattered like the stray stones at Konark
lamenting over a similar lost glory —
of a nation constanly embattled by a unmitigated penury ;

How can I swim against time’s fury
and not do what I should, in an absolute hurry?

Who will tell what should I do
to relieve this burgeoning agony ?
Should I drink and try to forget
the aroma of her jasmine soul
that tantalizes me now and then,
in my blood and vein
like an intimately inimical but sweet pain,
turning me still more patient in wait
for the fixed final journey,
deep into the chasm of my Lord’s eyes
Where the true taste of love lies .

@ copy right : saroj k. padhi/ 15.02.15

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