Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 16, 2015





I boast not to be special or to be an extra ordinary creature
Thou within me I possess a special and extra ordinary feature
That charms the very souls of the free spirited who dare venture
Into my world for I transform their lives into a great adventure

An art beautifully unique comprising of a wordily architecture
Manifested in writing or reciting or just spoken like a lecture
Providing wisdom and guidance to those lost or stuck in a juncture
Through mind fortifications and hearts defensive walls I can puncture

Historical memories and moments in time are mine to capture
To freeze them and own them, then turn them to a sculpture
Not of stone, not of wood but of poetic works of literature
I suppose that might very well define me as a freak of nature

Planting words like seeds, truly a form of literary agriculture
Harvested by people of all races, colors no matter their culture
Only food for the soul can be found on my ever green pasture
Harnessed and then expressed and in a versed nomenclature

By Bernard Owor

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