Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 17, 2015

Beautiful Eyes~by Chiranjeevi Gandikota



Beautiful Eyes

In an Isolated Island
In the middle of the forest
Alone, in the raining night
Accompanied, by Thunder and Storm
Self, entered this Earth
As mother gave, me, birth

Born, so fair
with strands of curly hair
cried aloud, to the
Glimpse of, Striking light

A look, from her eyes
Silenced, the skies
to stop, my cries
she, paid the price

little, did she know
was born, deaf and dumb
much later, did realize
she, lost her sight
to that

Opened my eyes
found, wilderness, around
A look, into those moist eyes
transformed, image on the ground.

Series of Situations,
Increased our Plight
Her prayers, for solutions
were answered,
by deities
Sitting, at heights

From, then on wards
A Woman’s transparent eyes
My Mother’s glistening eyes
The Most, Beautiful Eyes
told, many a stories
Unheard of
taught, many a lessons
Audible, to the heart’s beating in Unison

A Woman’s, Caring Eyes
My mother’s, Beautiful Eyes
though, deprived of sight
still, scattered the light.

God Bless

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