Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 17, 2015

HAIKU OF THE LOVING EYES~by Alfonso Martínez Pretel




Our eyes loving us,
oh, my dearest memory,
our eyes seemed two souls.

And now I’m certain
of how unforgettable
was that eye throbbing.

It was showing me
the power so absolute
of the most true glance.

Replaced by feelings,
the unnecessary words
never were pronounced.

But a deep message
of spirituality
was well understood.

You loved your own way
of living and behaving
as a free being.

And however you
perhaps never hesitated
to be generous.

People say you’re dead,
though I wonder if some eyes
could be eternal.

( our eyes amándonos,
Oh, my most beloved memory,
Our eyes looked like two souls.

And now I am sure
How unforgettable
Was that Latido eye.

I was showing you
The power so that absolute
The eyes more authentic.

Replaced by feelings,
The words are unnecessary
Were never spoken.

But a deep message
Of spirituality
It was well understood.

Loved your own way
Live and acting
As a being free.

And yet you
Maybe not dudaste never
To be generous.

People say that you are dead,
Although I wonder if some eyes
Might be eternal.)

( The tatami seeded )

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