Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 17, 2015

RAINING LOVE, SHINING RELATION…..a long journey~by Chiranjeevi Gandikota




RAIN….Seasonal, by nature
Its presence
On arrival
When, sufficient
If, not abundant
Gives reason, to cheer

Its absence
On failure
Grips mind
by fear
Ends with
Shedding of tear

RAIN….Seasonal, by nature
If provoked
is unbearable
If, Untapped
creates Ruckus
and Disaster, Undesirable

Magnitude and Impact, Varies….
RAIN……Seasonal, by nature

I encountered
Showered love
Across all Seasons
Defying Reasons

I experienced
Established Connection,
Gave Access,
Covered Distance,
of me, being
far and near

7 long years
not too much,
to ask for,
to plough
to nurture
this, drought ridden,
barren heart.

Efforts, put,
conscious and consistent
to tread, those steps
along the sacred fire
with you,
for us…
by me,
my Love.

Committed to walk
the different, stages of life
not only, here….
in the births, remaining…..together.

All these feelings,
withstood, test of time
when, our yearning hearts,
entwined, in a Live In
not under same roof,
but in,
One another’s thoughts.

In those days, we
Questioned Motives
Developed trust
Analysed Strengths
Exposed Weakness
Shared Concerns
Dressed wounds
Addressed Grievances
Even gave room,
to Enhance Space

to keep in pace
with the time and trend
Sent her Rose
Knelt to Propose
Filled her Hands
with Chocolate and Teddy
Made Promises
To hug and Kiss…..

And thus Opened a New Chapter
asking her, to become,
My Valentine
but closed, the Book
when she, Sealed My Life
to be My Better Half, even during our bitter times……..

Seasonal, by nature
The RAIN….
I encountered
Showered Love
Across All Seasons
Defying Reasons.

Happy Valentine Day…….

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