Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 17, 2015

SHE FLIES ~by Richard LaRue Barlow




She cries when she’s scared
lost and alone
she’s been here too long
to let it all go

She gives all that she’s got
until there’s nothing but time
The world’s too damn cold
to help her get by

So she picks up the pieces
and leaves all her reasons behind
and she flies…..

With the world on her shoulders
her nerve growing bolder
she walks with her bags to the door

For in the solace of blue skies
she can see where her path lies
and at last find what she’s searching for

Life is over in the blink of an eye
so she flies

She finds peace in the clouds
and leaves her pain in the wind
When the plane touches down
she’s all together again

In the depths of her soul
lies a burning desire
to make herself whole
though her spirit’s grown tired

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