Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 17, 2015

THE WRITERS’ MIRROR~by Dan Walubengo




I put down my pen
To have a look
At the mirror
That lies on my wall

I see Ken Saro Wiwa
Blood in his eyes
Injuries all over his face
Is this why you were writing
Is this the reward you get?

I see Edgar Allan Poe
Wondering the streets of Maryland
Very tired
Is this what you get Edgar?

I see Tennessee Williams
Winner of the pulitzer prize
A cap of a bottle at his throat
Are you dead or alive

I see Albert Camus
Looking at the car
They said had a crash
What caused the crash Albert
Was it your work of art?

I see Aeschylus
Frightening away eagles
And pets
You can’t imagine
That they are this stuff
That took your life

I see Christopher Marlowe
Still drunk
But his poetry is sober
Is this knife still inside
Or did the wild friend pull it out

I hate the past
The mirrors have it
And this fear
Will I write again
Or I will follow the suit.

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