Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 18, 2015





Why do there some wounded petals always haunt me
Especially in my hours of loneliness when the wind sings
In voices of shells robbed of their precious shiny pearls ,
When hunger in shrunken bellies gives out pathetic calls ?

In such moments of distress petals show their lovely faces
In colours of coagulated blood oozed from animals sacrificed
At shrines, staining so called civilized human blood with vices,
Sending stars into piteous cries in breast of a sky fleeced ;

Cursing mankind with a bleeding moon on the forehead !
The petals whisper on about the nightmares lurking in night
Broken in the twig they tend to overtly withdraw from sight
I suffer thus from pangs of petals crushed, in their sorry plight,

Who will bring the petals of my roses back to their breath right
Who will bring an end to their sobs, tears, anguish and fright ?

@copy right : saroj k. padhi / 19.o2.15

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