Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 20, 2015

-Our Winter-~by Love Revealed



-Our Winter-

In order to have a beginning there must be an end
And how desperate I was to prolong it, trying to pretend
But nothing in this world lasts forever
That’s why there are seasons; this was our winter….

It’s was beautiful to watch us bloom and grow
Basking in the light with our sun kissed glow
Lost in the forever of you and me
Blinded by the rays, unable to see

Before I knew it the winds had changed
And all that was vibrant, began to fade
Our love withered and lost its hold
And just like the leaves in fall, we let go

Now the trees are barren and so are our hearts
Everything has been ripped to shreds, torn apart
Fragmented memories in the wind
Our love is dead, this is the end


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