Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 20, 2015

Passenger OF LOVE….~by Pakeeza Rizvi



Passenger OF LOVE….

In a silent valley of feelings,
Under the shadow of deep emotions,
A person with a bag of old memories,
With a bundle of unsolved queries,
Waiting for his next journey,
Beyond this inner world,
He is a passenger of love,

In the crowd of heartless people,
He has lost everything,
But his broken dreams and hopes,
Still with him as a mate,
No one understand his unspoken words,
He is a passenger of love,

Hope of new dawn in his eyes,
He does not sleep all the night,
Besides his innocent smile,
Alot of griefs alive,
How much alone he is,
Sing a sad song like a dove,
He is a passenger of love,

His eyes searching for his destiny,
Long wait reduces his ambitions,
But his courage is as strong as mountains,
Cool breeze never effected him,
Died before dead,
No one scattered him,
He knows how to tuck,
He is a passenger of love,

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