Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 20, 2015





Wounded, my petals droop into a darkness
pervading in the garden
moments of hurts and betrayal ;

lilting to touch of balm in soft palms
of flowers absorbed in an evening prayer,
spreading incense from invisible souls
that burn under mists of doubts’ thick layer;
raising questions about the possibility
of those bleeding hours of past being able
to redeem themselves in a purifying fire !

Breaths of flowers under night’s bower
take on a strange white tinge
from the spectre of day’s fire
that burned coagulated blood
while raising a crucial speculation —
as to how and when all our dreams will
merge into a certain peace of earth’s mire
bringing an end to all forms desire !!

Flowers chuckle to tunes
of birds in silence composing soul’s
new songs of a rising smokeless fire,
the moon comes down to my palms
to declare the end of all hurts
and the birth of a new silence
from womb of noisy thoughts
propelling the sentient night
to bask under a real meaningful moment
of awakening into the flames of
a silent desireless desire !!!

@copy right : saroj k. padhi/ 21.02.15

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