Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 20, 2015

“The cobbler”~by Eddie Pop



“The cobbler”

He was a man with a modest glamour,
A lad with an infecting good humour;
With not much, he was in his mid-fifties,
And didn’t know much of the life of cities;
People’s shoes were what he made for living,
Not so prolific but a noble doing;
He left school when he was just two and five,
Forced by some capricious problems of life;
His family perished in a warfare,
For a cause many believed was all fair;
Despite he was a more victim of fate,
He always kept faith as he couldn’t just hate;
There was something special about his being,
Something that kept him going believing;
When I knew him, he was still a nice guy,
A righteous man who rarely dared to lie;
He was smart enough to know about stuffs,
Even more than those who had stayed long at school;
He thought even better than those who had staffs,
He was just remarkable with his tools;
I’d enjoy listening to him every day,
I learned a lot from his wisdom and say;
He was formidable and just noteworthy,
A man with a moving reality;
I’m just happy to say I once knew him,
A kind noble cobbler with no wicked whim.


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