Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 20, 2015

The Shadow of Light ~by Isholaayodele Wasiu



The Shadow of Light

I closed my eyes,
And asked my muse,
“What am I? Who am I?”
She sighed and waited,
“You are a shadow of light!”

My eyes opened at the pricks of shock.
Does light have a shadow?
She smirked, her eyes twinkling mystery.
And she dived into inspiration’s sea,
For a swim of words in lines.

Then her voice rose up the waters:
“Light has no shadows,
You are a shadow of light.
Who you are, no one knows.
You are a mystery of might.”

I frowned, “what is this mystery of might!”
She echoed my voice, “mystery of might”.
Frustrated, I jumped into the sea,
She must tell me who I am.
What more is the shadow of light?

At the depth of inspiration’s sea, she said:
” You are a shadow of light.
Good natured but with flaws.
The shadow of light is light,
But that light has shadowy flaws.”

I sighed and my pen smiled.
He’d spilled some ink after all.
The page gazed fulfilment at me.
“I’m a shadow of light.
A good natured mystery with flaws.”

Composed by Ishola Abdulwasiu Ayodele.
(c) 2015.

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