Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 20, 2015

TRIALS~by John Patrick Boutilier




Trials strengthen bonds where feelings are true
As have the trials I’ve been through with you
Though trials we’ve had, our love has remained
And as a result a lot has been gained

Of most importance, I no longer fear
Should we have problems you’ll just disappear
It seems ev’ry day there’s less and less doubt
An evil we’re both better off without

There is now more trust and I do believe
Together there’s much we two can achieve
I can’t overstate the import of trust
Which, if we’re to work, is surely a must

Foundation now strong we’re able to build
A union of two where both are fulfilled
But so to ensure our feelings will last
We must keep at bay the wounds of love past

As deep or as fresh as these wounds may be
Leave blame on the one who caused hurt to thee
The past is just that and there it should stay
Too oft yester love ruins love of today

We’re both well aware of each other’s fore
We know the horrors we expect in store
To avoid these traps let’s keep them in mind
They pose most danger when eyes are kept blind

Should we be able this baggage divorce
We will better steer, maintain proper course
We’re on the right path to a future bright
We’ll achieve our dreams keeping goal in sight

© John Patrick Boutilier, 2015
All Rights Reserved.

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