Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 21, 2015

Unbroken~by Eric Vance Walton




The world has grown up around us
leaving us with our memories
and the beauty of broken things,
dusty relics of the time we knew

even the sky is different now
but yet we cast the same shadows
and these shadows still stretch
as we walk away from the sun

the crowd grows younger each year
but I feel a warmth that only wisdom brings
to have weathered all the winds life has blown
and still be able to smile…to find joy
means, today, I’ve won. I am not broken

These years have taught me
to feast on the marrow of life
to wring out the glistening drops of happiness
and not trouble myself with the trivial,

the day’s events slither,
they are shallow and fickle
sometimes difficult to grasp
they do not even know themselves

in the end all that matters
is the sum of the words written
on the pages of our book of life
and their unique and personal truths.

~Eric Vance Walton~

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