Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 21, 2015

When I Will Leave This World….~by Pakeeza Rizvi



When I Will Leave This World….

When i will leave this world,
Leave many questions in your heart,
Ever lasting tears in your eyes,
Broken dreams in your hands,
Sorrowful memories in your loneliness,
Long wait in your days and silent legend in your nights,

In every season you will feel my absence,
Every evening you will wait for me,
But i know that you will never get me,
That day you will lose your self,

I know its tough for you to live without me,
But it will not be impossible,
smile forever and remember me in your prayers,
I will always live in your self,

I hope you will forgive me,
For embryo promises,
For lonely evenings,
For an incomplete novel and For tearful memories,

When you wants to seen me,
When you miss my company,
Without hesitation Come to my grave,
I will wait for you,
With my open arms,
With my wet eyes,

That day you will say and i will hear,
That day you will weep and i will see,
That day every thing will stop,
That moment and every moment,
I am not here to wipe your tears,
I am not here to remove your fears,
because i would have left this world ,

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