Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 23, 2015

A poetry of your thoughts…….~by Bipul Banerjee



A poetry of your thoughts…….

A thought of you, in the silence, with me,

My living, my loving Aphrodite,

Once we were together, a moment’s time,

A moment now captured in common rhyme;

I have not the genius to conjure you,

The soul of you, all of you, born anew

In letters that linger and notes that sing—

A memory’s vision is all I bring.

I wander the passages of the past,

The caverns of consciousness, running fast,

To try and remember the day we met,

An hour on which my mind has been set.

I cannot recall it, and that is pain

That pierces the images that remain

Of you in the splendor of summer dawn—

In waking from slumber, you stretch and yawn.

That movement of limbs, the flexing of thighs

The finding of slippers and rubbing of eyes,

As naked as me, you stood without clothes—

To this did I rise, my lover in pose.

That one night alone, fulfilling my dream

Of passionate bliss, that daily I scheme

To bring back to life, in my life at least,

The poetry that you helped me release.

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