Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 23, 2015

GOODNESS IS GOD~by Rajendra Padhi




Man speaks a law for himself, blame not God
Our guilt tortures, our willful error bounces back,
Our sins in clandestine become vampires in dream,
Pilgrimages are sought like caged birds for freedom
We but fear our own errors God lives in goodness
When we close eyes for prayers temples are not there
Sublime ecstasy springs in music of silent soul.

God’s music inaudibly audible, he is visibly invisible
Effulgent light of truth even dances in darkness,
Here it is dark again here it is light like smile and tears
Rain is giver of life becomes angel of death in flood,
His ascendancy triumphs in myriad mystery of his art
Goodness is the nectar of love triumphs over his heart.

Death is but a brief parting in his art of creation
We are trees to bear flowers and fruits in our spring
The winter foliage is but a prelude to come up green,
I sing only a celestial lore in unceasing ecstasy of soul
I am always a new born babe on his lap in relation
Understand nothing but marveled by his goodness
Kidding me, loving me, teasing me and feeding me.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi


  1. Love it

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