Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 23, 2015

If I Had The Power~by rldubour



If I Had The Power

If I had the power I would make you well again.
And forever in your heart you will know that I’m your friend.
I would place and angel, right there by your side.
To take away the pain and wipe the teardrops from your eyes.
I would sprinkle angel dust from your toes up to your head.
And give you back all your strength and get right out of bed.
So you can walk among the flowers that the angels help to grow.
And once again see the beauty no matter where you go.
To walk along the mountain top we know you love so much.
And gaze into the valleys and feel the angels touch.
If I had the power this is what I would do.
And make sure that every day would fill your dreams come true.
So tonight when I go to bed I will say a special prayer.
To give me this great power to send the angels there.
And they will be right by your side to tell you that I care.
To guide you and protect you, give you courage, will and strength.
Always believe the angels with faith, hope and thanks.
For they will make you well again, give you that second chance.
Because I want that hug and kiss and give you your first dance.

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