Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 25, 2015

The Day of Judgement…!!!~by Arshad Shahid



The Day of Judgement…!!!

The Day of Judgement
Everyone will be silent
No one will has garment
God will do Government

Deeds will be inquired
Castes will be retired
Colours will be expired
Crowns will be mired

Virtues will be blessed
Truth will be impressed
Charity will be dressed
Honesty will be blissed

The sympathy will earn
The cruelty will mourn
Love forever will return
Hatred forever will burn

Pious forever will glow
Sweet breeze will blow
Milk-honey canal flow
Gold-silver house grow

Killer ever will be curst
Sinner will burn worst
In Hills will badly burst
Ever remain with thirst

(C)Arshad, 24Feb15

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