Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 25, 2015

Warrior~by Jessabelle Autumn




Hey you!
Yes you! Girl in the mirror
Why do you live in terror?
Stop crying! Dry up those tears
There’s nothing for you to fear
For so long you have been stupid
And you put the blame on cupid
You’re trapped in the game of love
Because you refuse to fly free like a dove
Can’t you see he was never by your side?
All he did was stepping on your pride
Wake up girl!
Move on and walk out from this insanity
Stand tall for the sake of your dignity
Show the world that you ain’t cheap
You’re priceless and worth to keep
You’re a strong woman and a fighter
Because after the heavy storm you’re still here
You are definitely smarter and tough
Just shout out loud that you had enough!


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