Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 25, 2015

You & Me~by Jessabelle Autumn



You & Me

For me
You will walk for miles
Just to bring back my smile
Diving for a rare pearl
Because I am your girl
You will swim across the seven seas
So your affection I could see
You will fight all the enemies
And you’re willing to die for me
With you, I have never felt sad
Because you’re simply the best I ever had

For you
I would like to show that I care
But always I fail to be there
I make a thousand promises
But then I turned those vows into ashes
I said I will wrap your heart in a red bow
Instead it’s bleeding with my arrow
Today I plant the seed of serenity
But tomorrow I’ll pour the acid of misery
With me you’re hanging on the thread
Because I’m simply the worst you ever had



  1. love can get thorny as they say, keep on rolling in the free world

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