Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 26, 2015

Daily missive for Thursday the 26th of February.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 26th of February.

Open the door- Blind panic attacks the unprepared.

What waits there?
The door,
Half open,
Or is that closed?
Darkening shadows gather
In out of the way places.
Deepening corners
Swallow light,
And shady shelters become
An over hang,
Threatening to fall.
As air once fresh
And sweet
Is now hung, heavy
With a taste of panic,
A sense of suffocation.
There is a quickening,
Each breath,
Shorter than the last,
The heart beating,
Much too fast.
And every second
That inches past,
Is set to drown,
In a wash
Of ice cold sweat.
A paradox,
Of perspiration,
That sizzles,
In the heat

Of your own skin’s radiation.
It is too late to stop
This exposure,
As dread sets in.
And the brass handle
An orb of fire and ice.
Your chest crushed
By a tightening vice,
Breathing stopped.
And in that breathless hush
You await
The shadows,
Fearful touch.
With a careless wrench,
A reckless twist,
You unlock the gate
Cold fear has set before you,

And step across
The barrier,
That now becomes
A threshold,
From whence
Journey’s end begins.
As breathing recommences,
And in this
Welcome resolution
The nameless fear
That panic is,
Pushed further back,
Into that place
Where it might
Still reside,
Until the next time
Darkness falls,
And it might
Yet return and seek,
A final retribution.

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