Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 26, 2015

ELEMENTS~by Saroj Padhi




Why am I always in love with excesses of elements?
Wind in excess that blows past
your sweet soul , doesn’t fill my lungs or me,
the aroma of your increasing desires therein
too doesn’t fulfill me !

Rains from the sky that falls drenching your name
And that my peacock soul drinks on ,
Doesn’t fully quench me !

Thoughts about you
Hunger for more space in mind’s ether
Always vibrant with images about you,
Doesn’t even suffice for your complete view !

The dust in my mind sketching your image in air
Or memories scribbled by your aroused feet
On the body of Earth want to gobble more land
To accommodate more and more of you !

The fire of longing for you rises
Across centuries needing more and more of fuel
From my liquid soul pining for you !

Why do I need every element in excess
To feel you, to get you, to be one with you !
Who will tell why I love you !

@ copy right : saroj k. padhi/ 26/02/15

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