Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 26, 2015

“KEMINE”~by Eddie Pop




Heart of heartless, Home of homeless
Help of helpless, Hope of hopeless
A place where failure isn’t a possible option
Where embarrassment is just a situation
Where Success is natural and not in a mile
A place where even broken heartsjoyfully smile
This place gives wisdom even to afool passer-by
It gives the oppresseda winged freedom to fly high
For those whose eyes are closed it has enough bright light
To those about to give up it gives heart to fight
The challenge this place offers shows you your true self
It’s the perfect hearth one can meet his clever self
The beauty inside can charm any earthly heart
The atmosphere there makes a scatterbrain be smart
The people of there are not just nice but too gorgeous
Its life for you will just never turnmysterious
Voice of voiceless, it’s the best place ever to go
Pride of proud men, it’s the dreamland you’ll ever know
For young artists it has always a fine subject
For those who are lost it gives a purposeful object

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