Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 26, 2015





Symbols ripple, scanners settle among stars
“M “hidden in stars, mother of muses,
“S “hidden in river, salvage us in sappy love
The living touches shine in sunshine
The frosty nights are renewed in spring,
Our souls enraptured gathering pearls of life.

The sun with golden arrows shoots at stars
It makes us dance in sweet tunes of love for life,
Our morning, evening and night are teachers
Losers learn here how to be victors in our games
We play our game, sometimes we are played!
Our ravished tears stretch for joys of life.

Our lonely moments bear intensity of thoughts
Our desert is blown off replaced by bowers
Life flows like a stream from the cliff of hills
We are rivers; God is ocean, keeps waiting for us
The caged phoenix of love finds wings to fly
Our true home where only melody matters.

The light of wisdom is hidden in every flower
The vagrant clouds break into shower
The gusty breeze quivers healing dry grass in lea
They converse symbolically to wake up souls
Love sings upon the twigs of life for fruits to bear
The snowy peak of a hill illuminates my thoughts
Palpable in sunshine wears a gold- coronet.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi

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